December 14, 2012

Gingerbread Man

The assignment:

Work with your child to cut out and decorate this gingerbread man in a creative way.

The result:


  1. That is truly amazing! So, who's idea was that? He looks like he wants a hug.

  2. HOw cute!! ... and so original! I love it! Speaking of gingerbread men, I just bought some cookie cutters for Luke that are "ninjabread men" Doing kicks and punches. So he can make some cookies for our neighbors that come straight from his violent little 5 year old heart.

  3. Oh you and your child are so cool. I sit here in exhausted guiltiness. We actually never actually did one of the creative projects that one of our children was supposed to do for school. (It would have helped if we would have known it was something she was supposed to do before it was due.) We thought it was just something some kids were doing for fun. Better get better at follow-up questions.