December 18, 2012

A Series of Unfortunate Events

It all started on Sunday night when the baby caught the stomach bug and spewed all over me.

Then the car troubles started.  Yesterday Rex took our Taurus to the shop to have the rattling, smoking engine looked at while Alicia followed in the Excursion.  When Rex joined her in the Excursion the brakes gave out.  He got it towed while my dad rescued Alicia taking her to her oral surgeon appointment in Layton. 

I got in the Honda and headed over the mountain to get Alicia from the doctor.  On the way I got lost, the weather turned south, and the car overheated.  (That's all three cars, people.)  I was ornery.  This day was not going my way.

After I got Alicia we had to run errands while the car cooled down.  While we were in Target I accidentally knocked into a bike.  That bike was set up in line with a row of bikes and, well, the domino effect took place.  I ranted about my terrible day while Alicia dutifully cleaned them up.

Then we drove to a store I really needed to go to and which is only located in Layton.  It was 8:00, but as Alicia said when I wondered if it would still be open, "Who closes at 8?"  We were relieved when we saw lights and people inside the small shop.  I walked confidently up the doors and pulled with all my might.  I rattled and banged the doors trying to get inside with the other people.  Then it struck me that they were in fact closed, as confirmed by the hours posted right there on the door.  We finally realized that the people inside must be the staff having a Christmas party.

Our day was going so poorly that we decided to take ourselves out to eat at Chili's.  As we walked in on the cobblestone path my right foot sunk deep into a puddle.  There was one puddle on the whole path, and I managed to step right in the middle of it.  I would have posted a picture of the puddle.  I had my camera and everything.  But when I pulled it out, of course the batteries were dead.

And today?  I've got the stomach flu.  I guess when the baby projectile vomited in my face, she effectively passed on the bug.


  1. Maybe you should move to Australia?

  2. Blah. It does sound like a terrible day with a terrible continuation. It can only get better, right?

  3. Isn't it kinda nice when it gets to the point where it's so terrible and so many on one day that it's comical? Or at least maybe later. Or at least to people reading this blog. Cause if you can't have your health or working cars or a dry foot-at least you have a good story to keep fans happy. Ps - I miss you. we need to have one of those awesome 3 hour conversations.

  4. Jenny, that sounds like the worst day ever. I'm hoping now that it's almost a week later you are feeling better and are able to laugh at it all. Have a wonderful Christmas!!