July 19, 2012

The cleanout

This summer I challenged (forced) Rachel to clean out her desk and dresser.  It has been years since it was done.  She's such a collector (pack rat) that these endeavors took a lot of effort (and a bit of whining).  In this picture she is just working on one small desk drawer.  She has only been able to access the top tenth of the items stuffed in here and couldn't even remember what was at the bottom.  As you can see, the younger siblings were drawn to the madness too so they could scavenge all the cast-offs. 

In the end we found some gems that made it all worthwhile.  Like this paper listing 10 reasons NOT to get a "tatoo".  It really helped.  She has remained tattooless to this day. 

I like #2: You know, it's not only unattractive but ugly too!  And then #5: You have to be familiar with Mormon object lessons to get this one.  I also like #6:  It didn't "cost an arm and a leg", but a "waiste".

These beavers were in her top dresser drawer.  She called them "collectibles" and said she's had them since the second grade.  I think they need a potty.  I can almost hear them questioning, "Where's a "dam" toilet when you need one?"

Here's another gem.  It was once hanging on her door but then was stored for potential future use. (Megan was a little miffed that her knocking requirements were harsher than anyone else's)

And that, my friends, is a short tour of some of the most interesting finds in the first annual Rachel Summer Cleanout.


  1. Those are awesome finds! I admit that I was confused about reason #5 not to get a tattoo until I saw your explanation about object lessons.

  2. Hee hee haw haw! Love it! I will also now never get a tattoo. But I do adore those pee-vers. You make me laugh!

  3. I'd be miffed if I were Megan too. Interesting that Rachel has to knock upon entering her own room? And I hope she was never, say, deep in a book when someone started knocking so she'd be able to count out whether Megan or Andrew was at her door. P.S. your pics are looking a lot better :).