August 11, 2012

Sleep Talking

I was working on the computer after the kids had gone to bed when I was surprised to hear someone up.  It was Alicia.  She walked downstairs and was looking around.  I asked what she needed...

Alicia: I'm done with my bed if Megan or someone else wants it.

Me:  (Done with your bed??!!) Um, are you asleep?
Alicia: No.  I was in the lead. 

Me:  In the lead of what?
A: Of the four runners and everything.

Me:  Where were you running?
A: On a track.

Me: When ?
A:  Like five minutes ago.

(Insert hysterical laughter from me right here, and picture Alicia glaring at me for not taking her seriously.)  

Me: Well, why don't you want to stay in your bed?
A:  We're switching.  It's too long for anyone to do it by themselves.  I can't think of any other way to explain it.

Me:  Are you tired?
A:  mmhmmm.

Me:  Are you gonna go to your own bed?
A:  Yeah, I guess.

Me:  Is it okay to be in your bed that long?
A: Yeah.

Me: Okay.  Goodnight.  

She went upstairs and I heard just a few indistinguishable mumbles of sleep talking after she was back in bed.  

Then I went to bed myself and had my own sleep adventure--kind of a Willy Wonka meets Mary Poppins experience.  I dreamed that I was in a zero-gravity kids' community playhouse.  We were all floating about having a great time when someone walked through with a bag of spinach and a cucumber, the healthiness of which broke the spell and the laws of gravity were in force once again.  The solution to the problem?  Tack up big shiny posters of junk food.

We're not boring sleepers around here.


  1. hee hee! i love sleep conversations. it's been a long time since i've purpled on the yesterday moon...zzzzzzz. oops, dozed off. sorry. i love your funny blog. keep posting please!

    and thanks for your comment, it really helps to know that someone else whose opinion i trust has felt the same way, and that it all works out. :)

  2. Jenny! So good to read your blog again. I love the sleep talking conversation that you had with Alicia. So funny!
    We need to talk because I have good news.

  3. You're going to bed after your 18 yr old??? Here I thought I'd have to get all my alone time in while they were in school or work.

    And I love sleep talking (never seen a walker), it's always a good time.