June 9, 2011

Cortisol Rush

Last night I was so stressed about our house filling with rain that I couldn't sleep and the massive amounts of cortisol I was producing were making my baby do ninja moves in the womb.  I kept staring at the current weather patterns on the computer screen until my eyes were totally bloodshot and the ninja moves started taking their toll. Then I finally tried to go to bed, but I left the windows open so I could hear the rain.  A few tosses and turns later, the rain picked up.  My ninja and I jumped out of bed and headed back to the computer to see how bad it would be.  When it looked like it would clear, I finally was able to go to sleep.

This morning I woke up to the sound of dripping and found a puddle on my dresser.  Yesterday evening during our drip tour of the house we found leaks coming from the kitchen door frame, the girls' bedroom window, and the living room window.  Now the sealant around my bedroom window was leaking and the wall around the window was visibly deteriorating.

I was starting to get depressed.  I cheered everyone up at breakfast by saying things like, "We never should have done this remodel!  Now we'll have a new upper floor sitting on a pile of mush that used to be drywall and insulation."

But then we climbed on the roof and tried to scrape the water off the tarps the best we could.  I looked really awesome in Rex's bib snow pants unzipped around my belly to show off the pjs I was wearing underneath.  I knew I looked hot because Rachel said she wanted to take a picture of me and then she giggled in admiration.

Now it's sunny for a minute but OF COURSE there's rain in the forecast.  Rachel explained our efforts perfectly when she said, "Maybe this can dry out in the sun before it rains again."



  1. Oh, the sleepless nights of pregnancy! I always worried about something, whether there was any reason to, or not. Are you still coming to live in our basement when your baby is born? It's perfect down there in the summer.

  2. Well, you might not have a dry house but at least you have your looks and rachel's admiration.

  3. What a time to be remodeling! I hope your walls aren't as damaged as you thought. You'll laugh later, right?
    p.s. it's good to hear from you again

  4. That baby is going to come out all sorts of talented. Ninjas are awesome.

  5. Oh, man - I know that must have been so stressful! We were concerned about water coming up from below - but I think water coming in from above is definitely worse! Hope you're all covered up now. Extra stress at the end of a pregnancy is not welcome. I sure wish I could've seen you in your snowsuit gettup though!

  6. Yikes. That is a lot of stress. I want to see the picture. That sounds awesome! :)

  7. I would love to see the picture that Rachel took. I will also be losing sleep knowing that you are on the roof!