June 28, 2011

Cousin Exchange

We are doing a little cousin swap this week.  I've got my nephew Anderson and my brother and sister-in-law took my Megan.  It's already changed things around here drastically.  Andrew gets to be all boy.  He and Anderson immediately dug out the toy guns, machetes, and bow and arrows.  As they headed outside I asked, "Okay, what are you guys gonna do out there?"  Anderson said, "Oh, you know...fight off fake monsters and stuff.  Just the kind of things kids do."  They happily played violent, adventurous games for hours and created a fort in the middle of our tall weed patch.

At bedtime the boys could not settle down until I had Anderson read a little from a Frog and Toad book.  Now their room is completely quiet.

I hope Megan is having this much fun.


  1. I definitely am! ☺

  2. good idea! we've got to do something about this only boy thing. 5 only boys in the fam. but it's nice to know it hasn't thwarted their machete skills and ability to fight monsters and bad guys. they can protect all their sisters. 'protect'/'injure' potaeto/potato.

  3. great idea! it would work out perfectly for me. who wants to borrow my four girls? :)

  4. ooh! ooh! me! pick me!