March 16, 2011

Crumbs in the Bed

The other day I settled in for one of my regular pregnancy naps.  I tossed and turned and finally got up.  Later that day I looked back at my sheets and noticed some black crumbs.  We had chocolate brownies in the house at the time and I wondered who had been eating them in my bed.  Then I looked closer and noticed that the crumbs were actually spider parts.  Legs, abdomen, and head strewn all over my sheets.

That's got to number among the more unfortunate ways to go: being crushed to death by a pregnant lady.


  1. horrible! one day early in my marriage i thought i had some crumbs in my shirt that turned out to be spider parts! caleb thought seriously about having the marriage annulled after he saw my world class freak out over it. i'm glad you crushed the bugger!

  2. Every year we get several squashed box elder bugs in our bed. But spider parts are worse. Bleh.

  3. Blech! I do not like spiders much. What's impressive to me is that you seem so calm about it, even sympathetic.

  4. OH MY GOSH! I freakin' hate spiders! I would not have been able to sleep in that bed for weeks!!!!!! hahahha

  5. Mrs. M,
    I was not calm about it. I'm never calm about anything. It really grossed me out. But then when I was writing about it, I suddenly saw things from the spider's perspective and I realized I was the one who came out ahead.
    I'm so glad Caleb stayed with you after the spider freak out. What a good man.
    Yuck! I hated having anything squashed. Beds are no place for insects. Why can't they learn this?
    I'm pregnant. I'll sleep anywhere.

  6. That is really gross sissy. And it's even grosser when it's mega-zoomed on my computer screen. (not sure why i did that - guess I just had to be sure they were really spider parts and not brownie crumbs) You were probably tossing and turning because you were getting crawled on by a spider! you won the battle - but might have a few battle scars (physical and mental) from that little fellow - may he rest in peace.

  7. All I can ever say is you CRACK ME UP. I can't get enough of your humor. Keep it coming.

  8. I will not zoom in on the spider crumbs, I will not. Oh, boy. I really really hate that there were spider parts in your bed. I hope that experience is not rehashed by me, ever. Aaaah!

  9. Chills. That's all I have to say.