March 17, 2011

Pregnancy Eating and Books

I feel like a hobbit.  This morning I got up and ate a huge bowl of cereal just so that I would have the energy to start cooking myself a huge omelette with toast, just so that I would have the protein and stamina to start making a lunch so that I could get started on second lunch, and then snack, and then fit in two dinners.

Last night I ate a gourmet turkey sandwich at 5:00 complete with two types of cheese, lettuce, thick mayo, mustard, tomatoes, and pickles.  Then I followed that with an ice cream sandwich.  Then I started making dinner: lentil stew, corn bread, and oranges.  Which we feasted on at 6:30 and during which I ate more than anyone--including the growing teenagers who hadn't eaten a full meal right before dinner.
I'm a calorie-downing monster.  It's awesome.

Also, I do my best not to burn anything off because that just means more eating.  I feel like the effort to make all this food is exercise enough.

Instead of burning any unnecessary calories, I sit in bed and read.  Right now I'm reading Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand and I can NOT put it down.  I love true stories, which this is, but it's also a riveting adventure story.  The book is a biography of Louis Zamperini and follows him through his naughty, thieving childhood, his Olympic race in Nazi Germany (where he actually met Hitler), and his amazing survival story during WWII. 

There is a part where he is floating in the middle of the ocean in a rubber raft and a Japanese plane attacks.  He has to choose whether to dive off the raft and be attacked by the ever-present sharks, or sit in the raft and be shot to death by the rounds of bullets.  It's good stuff.  (When Rachel was whining last night about some small, insignificant thing, I told her the shark v. bullets part of the story just to give her some perspective on her life.  I'm not so sure she appreciated my parenting technique, but at least the story entertained the rest of the family.)


  1. I have that book on hold at the library. Unfortunately, there are about 65 people ahead of me, so I'll probably read it in 2014.

    Your sandwich sounds yummy! I am not pregnant, but I eat about every 2-3 hours. It's something new, and I love it.

  2. I had to read some of those paragraphs twice just to wrap my head around the volume of food you were ingesting. way to be a calorie-downing monster. (i liked that bit) I enjoyed all those breakfasts, second lunches and dinners vicariously.

  3. nice! when i eat like that during pregnancy (the whole time), caleb quotes the movie "forget paris" to me..."bring on the whipped cream and pancakes! we gotta get you BIG!" also, i really like to use the "world suffering" parenting tactic when my kids whine.

  4. Honestly, you are STINKING hilarious! Seriously could you write a book that I can read???? Every post makes me laugh....alone. This is Amy by the way....not sure what it says.

  5. I'm glad I'm not the only pregnant lady who feels like a hobbit. Yes, it's first breakfast, second breakfast and so on and so forth. I was at an ultrasound this week and the nurse asked when I last ate a meal. I told her I pretty much started eating at 1:00 and didn't really stop until 3:00. I think a "meal" is only supposed to take 1/2 hour to eat! Anyway...that book sounds really good!

  6. Yay food! Yay books! Yay Jenny's blog! Can't wait to see you in action tomorrow. I'll bring a big salad.