March 13, 2011

Andrew Says the Darndest Things

Quotes from the likes of Andrew:

One day Rex and I were discussing how some guys put off marriage for awhile.  We didn't know Andrew was listening so we were surprised when he piped in and said, "Well I know why!"
We looked at him with shocked amusement and asked, "Why?"
He confidently replied, "It's because if they get married, then their wife will be the boss of them.  But if they don't get married they get to the the boss of themselves."

Another time I left him alone to take his bath while I explained that I needed to give my pregnant self a much-needed nap.  He wasn't happy about this at all.  I started to say that I should be up before too long, but he cut me off after I said, "I should be..." and he finished my sentence with, "...ashamed of yourself?!"

One night Rachel was reading the scriptures to Andrew about when Abinadi was burned to death.  He listened carefully and then said, "I get what's happening in the story, but what I don't get is why he's so happy about it!"
Rachel said, "What makes you think he's happy about it?"
Andrew said, "Well, he says 'yay! (yea)'"

Overhearing them, I quickly looked up the scripture in this new context:
Mosiah 17:20 And now, when Abinadi had said these words, he fell, 
having suffered death by fire; Yay!!...
(My only concern now is to make it through the next Sunday school lesson on Abinadi without laughing.)


  1. Yay! I love kids' perspectives on life. Very funny and well written.

  2. oh, i'm so glad you wrote these down. they are the best.I told them to Joey. And now he can read the well-written version and love them even more. oh, hope you had fun at your lunch today. i will have you know that i got distracted while talking to mom and drove the OPPOSITE direction for 20 minutes!! I must have looped back somehow because I saw the exit to the children't museum (that I had left 20 minutes ago). that's when I decided to get off the phone.

  3. Those are great quotes. And I want to know, are you ashamed of yourself? Abinadi is a laugh a minute - remember when he disguised himself then declared to the sinning crowd, "The Lord said to me: Abinadi . . .!" And that first quote, well, that one just makes me feel bad. And laugh. Funny boy. I'm glad you're writing these down.