February 26, 2011

Creative Chore Motivation

Rex and I had just left for town this afternoon when I received a call from Andrew... 

"Mom, is it okay if we throw Megan in the snow?"

"Of course!!"

"Good, because we already did."

"Andrew! I was just kidding!  Why would you do that?"

"Because she wasn't doing her jobs."

"So you threw her in the snow?!"

"Well, Alicia and Rachel did it.  I just kind of pulled a little."

"Hmmm.  Well I think that anyone with enough spare time to throw someone in the snow, should also have enough spare time to help that person with her jobs.  Why don't you pass that message on to your sisters."

But before he could pass my message on, Megan jumped enthusiastically on the phone and said...

"Hi!  I just wanted you to know that I'm glad they threw me in the snow."

"You're glad?!"

"Yeah.  I was having a hard time feeling motivated to work, but now I have the motivation."

"Uh, okay.  Whatever works."

Just thought I'd pass this little tidbit on to any other parents struggling to find the right motivation to get their kids to work.


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  2. If only we had snow to throw boys in!

  3. I love that Rachel was GLAD they threw her in the snow - and I love that your other kids took it upon themselves to motivate her to do chores. I'm going to hire them.