February 14, 2011

My Belligerent Take on Valentine's Day

I feel really different from normal people, but I feel the most different every time a holiday comes around.  Other people cheerfully decorate, buy stuff, wrap stuff, and plan stuff while I'm more likely to sulk and brood about stuff like cost, wastefulness, sugar consumption, and awkward social expectations.  What can I say, I'm a party animal. 

As far as gifts go for Valentine's day, I have told my poor husband that he doesn't have to buy me corporation-created cards.  I figure his $5 could be better spent in numerous ways (like, just giving it to me).  I've always appreciated the thoughtfulness of his taking the time to read through cards and find one he thinks suits best, but after a few years of marriage I got up the courage to tease him about whether he really means all those things someone else has written down about how much he loves me.  How do they know his deep innermost thoughts about our relationship?  He has taken it well and we've laughed about it.  Now he makes me homemade cards with words that he thinks of himself.  I love it!
I have also told the poor, sweet, romantically frustrated fellow that I don't need fresh flowers.  It makes me sad to watch them slowly die.
But this was my romantic gift request for this year:  could he please take our three old, dead printers to the e-cycling facility on his way to work?   Let's just stick with the practical.

And speaking of being practical, I made a Valentine's day discovery a few years ago that has turned into a tradition.  I realized that car repair shops are always open on Valentine's day, but that no one ever goes.  Except me!  I always schedule car work on February 14th.  This year I planned to get my front wheel bearings changed, but I have some blasted parties I have to facilitate so I wasn't able to schedule it in.

And that's me on Valentine's day.  Just a bundle of rosy pink fun!

But I do have to say that my husband is patient with my practical requests and lack of romantic sentimentality.  He has been spoiling me for years with kind, thoughtful things and I appreciate it.  (And I can't wait to get those printers recycled!!)


  1. Crap!!! I all ready bought flowers.

  2. This is hilarious, but only because I completely relate! I don't think spending $$$ equals x's and o's. I always tell clint just to write me a card--he says, but that's harder! For Valentines Day this year, I got our new Odyssey in a really bad car wreck involving two other cars. Love you, honey!

  3. We have an agreement about V-day that Mr. M never buys flowers or a card (they're overpriced, c'mon!). He did bring me a small chocolate offering earlier today, and he is currently cleaning up the vomit of our oldest child. That is true love.

  4. you are awesome. my husband wishes i was more like you. :)

  5. oh, that is a major bummer that those darn valentines parties came between you and your front ball bearings on your special get-the-car-fixed day. but thanks for the tip. good to know. we ate out last night at quiznos for the same reason. no one was there. joey even brought candles and romantic music. the quiznos employees hid in the back room so they wouldn't feel awkward.

  6. Amen Sister! I, too, requested no messy flowers and expensive cards. So Peter sent me a text with a picture of flowers he would have bought me. Poor guy, I told him that all I wanted was to not have to make dinner. My wish was granted when he walked through the door with an armful of takeout. Love him!