January 14, 2010

Alligator Swamp and Stinky Cabbages

The other day I was talking to Andrew and cousin Meredith's preschool teacher.  She was telling me that some of the kids are advanced in their creativity.  I was like, "Yeah, well I guess Andrew and Meredith are just so much older that the other kids so..."  She responded with, "Actually, I was just thinking of Meredith.  She is so creative!"
(Later she mentioned that she thinks Andrew will grow up to be a scientist.)

I think this new script I captured from a game of Andrew and Meri's will demonstrate that creativity.

A:  I’m in the alligator swamp

M:  There’s too many alligators

A:  Aaaahhhh!

M:  This is my secret swamp to my home.  And I live in the swamp in the cave.

A:  Help!

M:  Do not worry!  The alligators will help you.  They are nice alligators.

A: No I saw a bad one who wanted to bite me.

M:  No, he thought you were a bad guy.  And he swimmed over and said in a alligator voice, “Get on my back”

A:  Then, he swims me over to a boat.

M:  Then he drived you back here.  But really just walk.  Okay, let me go into my swamp and get a stinky cabbage to eat.  And you’re like, “Bleh, they really do smell as bad as I thought”

A:  Repeats dutifully.

M: Want to try some?

A:  [Tries some and makes choking, gagging noises.]

M:  Run to my swamp!

A:  Now I’m onto the path.

M:  That’s my house.  Stinky’s house.  It’s a good thing I got a trap for the bad guys.  They go into the pit with the bad alligators.  And I won’t bring stinky cabbages up here unless I go to school.  Just kidding.  Stinky doesn’t have a school.

A:  Pretend like we’re friends.  Hello Stinky!  Want to have a ride?

M:  Yeah.  (Introducing Andrew):  This is my friend.  He is a big fat toad.  He lives in the house.  Just a minute, I need to go get some stinky cabbages, and you don’t even smell it.  Here’s some money (poker chips in a treasure chest).

A:  Woa, we have a treasure chest?!  Pretend like I gave it to you for your birthday.

M:  Look!  Gold and money.  You can have it.  I don’t really use it much anyway.  Then you said to your mom, “Look what Stinky gave me.  A treasure chest full of money and gold.  I’m going to be rich with my family.”

A:  I’m going to walk up the path.

M:  Okay, see you when you come back.

A:  And then you visit me.

M:  Hello.  Is it okay if I brought my stinky cabbages?  I brought a spray so they won’t smell, but I can still taste them.

A:  Look what I like to do with my money…

M:  Make towers?  I like to make towers with stinky cabbages.


  1. that rocks. malan misses her meredith very much. how nice of andrew to play along. i think he has a bright dating future ahead of him.

  2. ok, what is the deal with meredith's obsession with stinky cabbages? I wonder if edith has been experimenting with them or something. that is so so so so so so funny. it brings back so many memories of playing - how most of it is like "ok, and then you do this.... and then i say this... and then let's pretend this..."

  3. I think I have to confess on the cabbage thing. I have been really bad about picking up my dirty running socks. SORRY!

  4. how funny! Meri does have some obsession with stinky things. The other day she kept asking me where the book was with the stinky things in it. We have a number of books with stinky things in it, whether they were written that way or not. I hope we found the one she was looking for.