November 9, 2009

Anybody Want Some Money?

If you don't come get it quick, it'll probably all be gone as we're throwing it out the window as fast as we can.

Our first money dump happened due to a much-needed visit from the plumber.  I called with a list the size of Santa's list of naughty names and mentioned, "There's no hurry.  We've been living with these problems for six years so we can deal with them a little longer."  The plumber must have been seeing dollar signs, however, because he showed up almost immediately.  I took him on a tour of the dysfunctional faucets, sprayers, and sink handles.  As I was demonstrating the problems with our shower, the water handle fell off in a pile of rusty mess.  He tried to stay professional as he stared at the rusted, broken handle I was holding.  We figured out the cheapest, white-trash solutions for everything and then I left him to his work.
Four hours later, he finished.  As he walked toward me with the bill, he actually said,  "Oh good.  I'm glad you're sitting down."  (That is not a good sign, folks).  Then I saw the charges.  I was charged for living far away from the plumbing office, then I was charged for the trip the plumber took to get the supplies he hadn't brought with him, and then of course the service call, the labor, and the parts.  Yikes!

When Rex came home I complained all about it, but he had a hard time being miserable with me since he was so excited about finally getting his tractor out of the shop.  When he got away from my complaining, he went out to finally till our garden.  We watched as he drove past us while hooting and hollering and waving.  (We get so excited about our redneck playthings).
His happiness came to an abrupt end, however, when he forgot to turn the key to the right spot and burned out the starter.  So after paying the repair prices, buying and replacing the tines (sp?), we get to buy a new starter too.  The excitement never ends.

Then when the mail came today, we had hefty bills from the dentist and the insurance company.  And to top it all off, our new vacuum died on us so we'll need to replace/repair that before the piles of dirt get any higher.


  1. Great posts, Jenny. How do you make your life sound so white-trashy when I know your life is cleaner and more organized than mine?

  2. I'm glad your comments are back on. We've been throwing money out the window this past month, too. Maybe we should just start hanging out under other people's windows and we'll start getting our money back...

    Although, to be fair, some of the money we didn't even spend at all and it still got taken out of our checking account. It was really fun finding out that someone else wrote a check for $2000 and it cleared our account. I guess the trick is to use one of the counter checks without any names on them and then to use so many circles in signing your name that it's hard to tell what the last digit of the account number is... At least that's what security told us happened after they spent all day researching our forged check.

  3. I always grin when you highly-educated, classy people call yourself red-neck and white trash. Sorry about the plumber bill, etc. We quickly dumped one plumber after he charged us almost $300 to replace a kitchen faucet - which he replaced with the cheapest, tiniest kitchen faucet I'd ever seen. Jerk. I think he got it from the D.I.