November 7, 2009


I thoroughly enjoyed the movie Spellbound that we recently got through Netflix. This documentary follows eight spellers as they prepare for the national spelling bee in Washington D.C. and then shows the final spell-down.
As you watch, you start thinking that these people can't be for real, and you're sure you're watching a mockumentary.

Some of my favorite quotes (from memory):

Rancher: "You know, not all Mexicans are lazy and stupid."  (Really?  Can you believe someone really said this?!) 

Mother: "Our son's only interests are shooting and exploding things, so he'll either end up in the military or in jail."

Mother: "I think our daughter gets her spelling abilities from us. We like to be creative with our words, for example we have a fridge magnet which says, 'bee happy'."

Boy Speller: ""