November 10, 2009

Smells, Socks, and Sleeves

The Sleeve
Me:  Have you been wiping something on your sleeve?
Andrew:  Yes!
Me:  What?
Andrew:  Boogers!

The Smells
Rachel's NAL tournament today was fun besides the fact that horrible smells kept attacking my olfactory glands.  I finally asked Andrew if he was producing the smells and he fessed up to it.  I then started whispering threats to him requiring him to do his best NOT to produce those smells.  He obviously had no fear of my threats as the smells kept getting worse--especially embarrassing since we were trapped in a mob of people in a tightly enclosed space.
Thank you, Andrew, for adding that to my collection of horribly embarrassing moments.

The Socks
Mid-tournament, Andrew pulled off his heavy winter boots to expose thick socks soaked in sweat.  He then lay on his back, put his feet on my lap and said, "Mom, give me a foot rub."

Ummm, are there any volunteer babysitters for Andrew during the next tournament?  


  1. Me me, I'll take him! His charming personality more than makes up for his boogers and smelliness! But could you change his shirt before he comes?

  2. wow, he's got sweaty socks now? Betcha can't wait until he's a teenager.

  3. that was a gross picture you just painted of that dear little boy. good thing he's so darn lovable. this is going to be a good post for you to show future dates.