September 4, 2009

Laughing at Prayers

Episode #1
The home teacher lesson this Sunday was on prayer. After the lesson, Andrew was called on to pray. He started a sincere, grown-up prayer full of heart that was so sweet that I smiled a little. Sensing my reaction, he jabbed me with his elbow. Since I was already feeling giddy, I burst out laughing. It was one of those most inappropriate moments for raucous giggling, which only made me giggle harder. I finally got control of the giggles, but couldn't get rid of the redness in my cheeks before the prayer was over.
Hopefully our home teacher has a good sense of humor.

Episode #2
The other night Rex announced that he told his friend at work that Alicia was keeping an eye on this co-worker's son. She was very embarrassed.
When Andrew blessed the food that night, he prayed that "everything would go the right way", that "we would all be good", and then said, "And please bless that Daddy won't tell anymore about Alicia."
This time we all burst out laughing.


  1. Andrew looks so sweet an angelic in that picture! Maybe you should make a poster of it to show him what "good" looks like during a Mr. Hyde moment. BTW, we seriously need to get together to play.

  2. i LOVE that picture! i think it go in the new gospel art kit. i love that andrew is so specific in his prayers. that is how we're supposed to be ya know. and now alicia can rest easier knowing that it's been prayed for. :-)

  3. prayers are hilarious, i think. i love that picture! it is just perfect.

  4. what a sweet picture! I burst out laughing in the middle of many prayers. I'm working on my maturity. Love that Andrew!

  5. I love the prayers of little ones! That is a really good picture, could totally see it on a Mormon Ad poster!

  6. So... how did you take that picture? Weren't you bowing your head and closing your eyes? We have to be serious as the grave during prayers around here since Isaac thinks that is the time for a stand up comedy routine. I love that you captured Andrew so perfectly, could I do a watercolor of that?

  7. I am posting a comment, right here, right now! I love your other, newer posts, as well. (The ones upon which we are not allowed to comment.) But good for you to try to limit computer time. And, yeah, I should get off now.