August 29, 2009

The Education Continues

So far in school....

Rachel has learned that it takes three disclosure statements to cover one class.

Alicia has learned that it takes three days of class to cover one disclosure statement.

Alicia has also learned numerous things about body piercings. She's learned that they are prevalent, can be done at home, are removable, and fun to play with during class.

I'm so glad my kids are in school getting a good education.


  1. eep! ear gauges gross me out! apparently, so does public education.

  2. Jenny, he ruined EVERYTHING? lol. Just wait until he tries to squash you with the loveseat. Hey I know we don't comment often but we keep very current with your postings and we love to read your stuff. cheers, Jake

  3. waaah. Why do kids get all ruined and stuff?