September 5, 2009

Spank you...spank you very much.

Since we call Andrew "Spanky" we just had to take him to "Spanky's" for his birthday. We had never been there, but we were heartened by this description on the back of our coupon:
Our building is sorta scary but our food is pretty darn good.

After we got past the caution tape, their building didn't seem scary at all and the food
was pretty darn good--especially after only costing $20 for our entire family to eat our fill of sandwiches, chips, cookies, drinks, and ice cream.

They had to be very patient with us as we ordered since my children don't speak in public and we were trying to figure out what they wanted while fitting it into coupon-worthy orders. I finally told the workers, "We'll be much less annoying after we're gone."

On our way out, we saw this sign:

Andrew stuck out his backside and said, "Mom you're supposed to follow the sign! You're supposed to 'spank me very much'!"
So I did.