March 31, 2009

Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

Andrew uses time frames creatively. He's been known to say such things as...

"I can't remember what we did tomorrow."

"What are we going to do yesterday?"

"How old will I be last year?"

Don't you love the little grammatical errors kids charm you with?


  1. i always have the hardest time answering creative time frame questions.

  2. Meredith has today, tomorrow, and tolater.
    "Mom, can I have a sucker?"
    "Well, maybe. . .(as I fumble for a good time)"
    "How 'bout tolater?"
    "Yeah, tolater."

  3. In our world if it isn't today it was last night, which makes it hard sometimes. Like, remember last night when you hurt me? Uhm no, did I hurt you? Yes in the pillow fight (was two weeks ago).

  4. When I'd say we had to leave in 5 minutes, Chloe would counter indignantly with, "No! 2 minutes!"