March 26, 2009

"In Your Head"

In four-year-old humor anything and everything is rendered hilarious by merely adding the phrase "in your head".

For example:
If I say, "Do you want some breakfast?"
Andrew says, "I want some breakfast in your head!" (Followed by uproarious laughter)

I say, "Go make your beddy-bye."
And he says, "Go make your heady-bye!!" (Uncontrollable giggles)

I say, "It's time to get dressed."
He says, "Okay. I'll get dressed. . .in your head!" (Tears running down his face)

Then I demonstrate my own comedic talent:

When Andrew says, "Can I play with Sammy?"
I say, "You can play with Sammy... your head!"

It goes over really well, cements our friendship forever,
and has lead me to consider a career in preschool stand-up comedy.


  1. This makes me laugh! In our house it is "in 'insert bodily elimination function'", oh well, hopefully it is just a phase!

  2. That Andrew has such a sense of humor, it's no wonder with his parents being sooooo funny...
    ...looking that it. Harrdy har! I love the "In your head" jokes, they are much more tasteful than "in bed" jokes!

  3. THAT WAS FUNNY!!! your head. Just kidding. Just thought I would try it out. I'm totally practicing so I can be Andrews favorite aunt. Thanks for the ammunition.

  4. That's cute! Besides, you get out of having to set up a play date with Sammy, since Andrew can now play with Sammy "in his head."

  5. Did you make that sketch, you Songer, you?