April 1, 2009

The Nose Holder-Upper

Does anyone else have as much useless junk sitting around their house as I do? This is a picture of one such piece of junk. I have no idea what it's supposed to be, but I have a story about it (which happened last year very close to April Fool's Day):

I was in Andrew's room when he pulled this out of some random assortment of junk and said, "Mom, what is this?"

I was about to say, "I have no idea. Why don't we just throw it away? Why do we have so much junk anyway?!"

But then in some sort of sleep-deprived brain cloud, I heard myself say,
"It's a nose holder-upper."

"A what?!"

"A nose holder-upper. It holds up your nose. Sometimes your face gets tired of holding your nose onto it all day, so you can use one of these to give it a little break."

He didn't believe me at first, but he did think it was cool that it fit his nose so perfectly. So, he held up his nose for awhile until I guess he decided his face could handle the strain again.

Then, suddenly he had an idea:
"I'm going to bring this for show-and-tell at preschool today!!!"

And he did.

(And now, I must admit, I'm never throwing this thing away. It's priceless. Besides, who knows when my nose might need a little lift?)


  1. hee hee! way more fun than just throwing it away.

  2. So where does one keep a nose holder upper? Is it kept with the kitchen utencils, or is it considered a toiletry item to be kept in the bathroom. Or perhaps it's more of a tool to be kept in the garage. It also looks like it could belong in the toy box. Oh, the stress of it all.

  3. awesome story! I can relate to the sentimental junk.

  4. Did you hear from his teacher afterward? That boy must be such an enigma to her!