February 19, 2009

Kid Conversations

Megan, desperately calling me from her sick bed: Jenny! Jenny!!! One of my nostrils is stuffed and the other nostril is getting too much air.

Me: Why aren't you practicing the violin?
Rachel: I'm recovering.
Me: From what?
Rachel: I stepped outside and it was so cold that I started coughing and I couldn't breathe and I barely made it back to the door alive.
Me: (giggling despite myself, along with Alicia, and Rachel herself) Oh, well, when you're done dramatizing your near-death experience, then practice the violin.

Me, Later: Rachel, you're going back outside? How will you survive?
Rachel: I'm bringing a water bottle.
Me: Oh, of course.

The Girls
After the girls watch Lord of the Rings with their dad...

Me: How was Lord of the Rings? (the violence of which I'm "violently" opposed to)
Girls: Good.
Me: Did you enjoy the violence?
Megan: We saw heads getting chopped off.
Me: Great
Rachel: We saw tons of people get killed.
Me: Are you glad you saw all that?
Rachel: No, but it was cool.
Megan: There's just one thing I don't understand...was the ring bad?
Rex: She obviously understood the movie.
Me: ..laughing
Alicia: No, that's a good question. Was it?

Conversation while making cookies. . .
Andrew: Looking at that melted butter awe-most made me throw up...awe-most.
Me: Okay, maybe you shouldn't look at it.
Andrew (after adding vanilla): That vanilla looks like blood and the batter looks like skin.
Me: Yum. Should we put a band-aid on it, or stir it?
Andrew: Stir it. You were kidding right?
Me: Right.


  1. gah! i hate it when one nostril gets too much air! those cookies sound sooo yummy. what is it with boys? my seven year old boy cousin on caleb's side: "kate, i'll bite your bones out and then you'll be a puddle of skin."

  2. that is so gross! skin and blood? do you still let him help? i love that he said - you were just kidding right? and i really do know what megan is talking about. it hurts to get too much air and it seems like it only happens when you have a stuffy nose. so i haven't read for a while and just caught up on some pretty funny stuff. if i'm going to read a blog - it's yours.

  3. Lol. I love your updates on your family. PS a tiny little vasoline in the nostrile that is getting to much air will make it feel better. I know the feeling. I so glad I found your blog. It makes me smile.

  4. Are you sure you don't make that kid stay up and watch horror movies all night long? The things he comes up with about gore and stuff...and he was such a sweet, innocent little thing last I saw him! I think you have a little explaining to do, girl!

    P.S. I'm here!... and enjoying every minute of it!

  5. Tee hee! Kids are funny--thanks for the laughs. The LOTR story reminded me of when my family went to go see the first installment. My sister Carrie was on her phone the ENTIRE first 20 minutes, and then intermittently during the rest of the show. When it was over, we were all comparing notes about which part we liked best, analyzing characters, etc, when Carrie piped up with: "So I don't really get what the big fuss was about the ring anyway. What was the big deal?"