February 20, 2009

Tags and Toilets

Andrew looked at the brown tag on the back of the jeans I was wearing and said, "What does your tag say?"
When I didn't answer him right away, I heard him pretend to read these words:

Don't. . .touch.

Just. . .look.


I checked on a distressed Andrew in the bathroom and saw him standing by the toilet.
Here was the ensuing conversation:

What's wrong?
My foot fell in the toilet.

I slipped when I was standing on it.

Why were you standing on it?
To talk to the people in the mirror.



  1. hee, hee. What a funny Andrew.

  2. So funny! And I love that you are adding all these great pictures!

  3. ha ha ha ha ha! he is awesome. i hope malan can be friends with him someday.

  4. OMG, That's why we can still love them on the days that are tough. Way too funny. I should introduce myself since I've been noisin' around in your blogg. I am a friend of Kara P's. I like to read other peoples blogs. Kara thought I might like to read yours and she is right. It brings a smile to my face almost every time even though I have never met you or your family. However I think we live close. But then again it's 130 am and I could be way off but anyway. I am here to stay, so you will probably see alot more comments from me. Good luck keeping up with those very cute little angels of yours. I am sure they keep you way busy.

  5. Ok, so now I should comment on who I am, I love to read your blog as well. I referred your site from the Andelin gang site. Who also probably doesn't remember me or know I look at her blog. I am always leery of commenting on others blogs if I think they don't know me. But I was close friends with one of her roommates in college. I love both of your blogs!

  6. Keep that first little nugget of wisdom for a nice anectdote for a morality talk. :)

  7. Don't ...Touch

    I LOVE THAT! That is so classic.
    So deep...so usuable!

    I can't wait until you teach YW next...You have your lesson! Virtue has been added after all :D