February 17, 2009

crafts are not white trash

That's why you won't find cute crafts on this blog. But if you're partial to crafts, especially the classiest, most creative works of art I've ever been privileged to behold, then scurry right on over to my bestest friend's etsy shop. Don't be afraid of how cool her stuff is. You can handle it. Hey, why are you still reading? Didn't I tell you to scurry? Oh, you need the links...right.
Well, here they are:
etsy shop
artsy fartsy blog

1 comment:

  1. Crafts are considered white trash when you spend all your time doing them instead of cleaning your house. Well, the crafts may not be white trash but the craftee sure is!
    Thank you for linking to my silly giveaway, you are a gem!