November 21, 2008

Burrowing---Mouse Hunt Series #1

I felt so much less white trash when we built our food storage room. Until yesterday. I was walking down the concrete stairs to get something munchy, when I started noticing that I was walking through piles of dirt. Being the mother of four in a white trash house, I'm used to piles of dirt, but something made me stop and think.

The dirt must have come from the packed dirt walls of the staircase. And the dirt would only be pushed from the packed walls if someone were scraping it off, or. . . if someTHING WERE BURROWING!

I looked at the walls and, yep, an animal-sized hole right by the fresh piles of dirt.

When Rex came home from work, we had one of our catching-up-on-the-day conversations like, "So the kids were good, piano lessons went well, there's something burrowing into our storage room, I paid the heating bill..."


  1. I think it's an ovgcomen. That's Ogden Valley Gnawing comen. Just kidding, that's just today's password!
    Wildlife has it in for you, for sure.

  2. Mine was stoutsy. Which must be a fat comen.

  3. Okay, since the other two comments are nonsense, here is a bit of mine. I love this post and mostly because I like the word "Burrowing." It just gives a visual and is super funny right now.

  4. So, I never even noticed passwords until EDITH has been mentioning them. You'll never guess what mine is right now. MOUSE!!! Not even kidding. How weird is that? You guys are going crazy. Poor you guys.