November 13, 2008

Because of Katie...

Because of my sister Katie, I am now about to share seven random facts about myself:

I once ate a large portion of a blue sock.
(Remember that, Victoria?)

I have no artistic ability, but I was chosen as Art Sterling Scholar in high school.
(I was the only one entering who had passing grades.)

I once locked myself in a bathroom in Africa, and had to be axed out.
(Talk about socially awkward.)

Katie reminded me about this one: I have always loved the sound of hair being cut and one summer when I was bored, well, I started cutting at my eyebrows with fingernail scissors and after a few minutes they were all gone. I just had two arching white spaces above my eyes where my eyebrows had once been.

I have never baked bread, but it's been on my "to do" list for at least two years.

Things that scare me: cooking, crafts, social gatherings, exercise, doctors, holiday decorations.

I once scheduled two dates for the same night, at the same time, in the same place.
After much stressing, I canceled one and ended up marrying the other.


  1. Oh my gosh - that was SO funny! Joey and I read it together and laughed at EVERY SINGLE ONE. Joey's comments are "I wish she ate the whole sock" and "I never realized it but I think I really like the sound of cutting hair too." and "I'm afraid of holiday decorations too" and he laughed at the exercise thing. I love that you had to get "axed" out of a bathroom in Africa! I never heard that one. Or maybe forgot - but it's such a funny visual. And bless your non conventional heart for going along with a conventional tag for you sissy. That was some high quality entertainment for us.

  2. Casey looked at your scared of list and said he's scared of the same things! Except for exercise he'd substitute phones.

  3. Um, do you happen to have any pictures of the eyebrow incident? I gotta see them.

    So I am wondering how you have lived all of your Mormon life without making candy or bread? Really, Jenny. But it sounds like you have been a little busy with other important things.

    By the way, if you want to meet your bread goal, I have developed the easiest, yummiest version of my mom's rolls. Seriously, you will laugh they are so easy and yummy. I tell her all the time that mine are better than hers and she laughs, but it is really true :-) Let me know when you are confident and ready to try!

  4. P.S. I like the new policy of letters only passwords for posting a comment. The words they come up with! The last three were blens, vishis, and ectup.
    Maybe I will make a point of using the passwords in my comments. . .
    "You have to be careful what kind of blens you use in your cooking experiments. Some of them turn out to be so vishis, you may find that you have ectup."

  5. That was so weird. These comments were posted at practically the same time.
    Missy, I would love your recipe. Could you email it to me?
    Also, I should clarify the bread thing. I have made banana bread, apple bread, peach bread, bread sticks, and breadmaker bread. My goal is to make real bready bread with yeast and loaf pans and kneading and rising and punching and rising and baking and ...
    see, it's just too much work!

  6. Jenny you are so funny. Even things that aren't funny are funny when you tell them.
    And Casey I'm surprised you are afraid of phones. You always answer the Songer phone. And on the first ring!

  7. I remember the sock incident. I think we gave you your reward without making you finish the whole thing. Do you remember what the reward was? It better have been something good. I think I swallowed 3 pieces and it made me sick.
    I didn't know you had to be axed out of the bathroom! That's some lock.

  8. Jenny, you're too much!! How come we haven't been friends our whole lives? You are absolutely hilarious!! I love visualizing of all of these things. Next time I too want to see the pictures. I also have a good easy bread recipe. It's actually french bread and there's no kneading or punching or bread pans involved, but everyone who tastes it RAVES about it.

  9. Aackk... just thinking about the day of the blue sock makes me sick to my stomach. Watching you choke that thing down thread by thread is forever burned in my memory. I think I will giving you $50 to make up for the agony, and I urge Vicky to do the same.
    I love all the random things about you, I think you are the most random person I know!

  10. Nikki,
    I'd love the recipe! Thanks.

    Hey Victoria,
    The reward was good. I'm remembering that it was $50, but it might have been more like $30. I never got it though because I just couldn't finish the sock that day. I was blue-socked out.

  11. You're good at thinking of random things about yourself. I'd be hard pressed to be able to think of such great ones. No doubt that I have many, just can't quite think of them.

    P.S. Did you ever think that you ARE talented in art, but maybe more especially in the word and talking kind?

    Hmmm.....English major? English teacher?....just thinking!