November 23, 2008

Ripping---Mouse Hunt Series #2

I had burrowing on my mind last night when I was getting ready for bed, which explains why every noise I heard was attributed to creatures. One particular noise really got me nervous. I kept hearing a ripping noise. When it got too obvious to ignore, I got Rex out of bed and asked him to check the traps he'd baited with Reese's.


"But I hear ripping noises!" I said. "Listen."
He heard them too and we both listened as every few seconds the ripping noise repeated itself.
"The creatures are probably down there ripping into our food," I lamented.
We ran back downstairs and listened. Nothing. We ran back upstairs and discovered the noise getting louder as we neared the girls' room. I barged into the room to see Megan and Alicia quietly reading. As Megan turned a page I heard, you guessed it, the ripping noise.
"Well," Rex said, "now that we know it's Megan, we can be sure we've put out the right bait."


  1. Every Sound is now the work of a methodically diabolical rodent seeking death and destruction to our we slide slowly into madness.

    Rip up the floor boards and find that tell-tale heart.

  2. Very funny! That's the right kind of bait for me, too.

  3. Is this the same girl that became friends with the gigantic tarantula-thing that liked to hang out on her wall in her room outside of her mosquito net, and who thought nothing of all those cockroach antennae stickin' out of the turine!?!

    Anna was reading your blog and she asked me, "Where the heck does Jenny live!?!" I told her and she was like, "you'd think she lives in some crazy boon-dock wilderness or something!"

    Whenever I'm about to panic about some tiny critter, I say to myself, "If Jenny can be friends with a giant thing on her wall in freakin' Africa, I can keep it together long enough to deal with these ants!" See, you're such an inspiration! You gotta stay strong with all of your critters, so I can keep my shuttering screeches at bay!

    P.S. I love your multiple choice thing! Only there an "All of the Above"?!

  4. except, you're never "tedious"!

  5. PS - Happy Birthday yesterday!!