October 27, 2008

They Hate the Blog

The other day I walked into the kitchen was stopped by two teenagers with an agenda.

Me: What's up?

Them: We hate blogging.

Me: Why?

Them: It's as bad as texting. People don't talk to each other anymore.

Me: That's why I have to blog. Nobody was talking to me and I started feeling lonely.

Rachel: The other day Ani said, "Have you seen our blog? It's so funny!" And when I said, "No" she just said, "Oh, well then never mind."

Me: Well I could show you their blog.

Them: Okay!!

Me: I thought you hated blogging.

Them: Oh yeah.


  1. They'd love blogging if you'd quit writing about mats of bacteria. Just kidding, I love all your posts, they make my day!