October 28, 2008

Highlights of the Hole

Jackson Hole, that is. And these are they:

#1 Watching 6 straight hours of the Disney channel while Rex was in business meetings

#2 Teasing Rex that all we wanted to do the next day was watch more of the Disney channel.

#3 Discovering a thrift store right by the hotel where I unloaded an entire $4. The best purchase being a Jackson Hole key chain with Andrew's name on it.

#4 Wrestling on the beds.

#5 Sighting bigfoot

#6 Rachel starting a bagel on fire at the continental breakfast

#7 Another antler arch. (Those antlers are shed naturally, you know.)

#8 Discovering that if I ever build an Antartica-themed room with tall ceilings I know just where to buy a 12-foot polar bear for only $34,000.

#9 Learning that a musk ox fur should be mounted low enough on a wall to allow for dusting, or that shaggy hair can start looking pretty bad.

#10 Opening the antler handles of the Wildlife Art Museum and singing at the top of my lungs, "I USE ANTLERS IN ALL OF MY DE-CORATING!"


  1. Awesome. I hear the uppity-ups just call it "Jackson" now. Something about "Hole" sounds a little base. I'm so glad you saw Big Foot. He just keeps trying for some recognition!

  2. Seriously - what is the deal with the antlers. I've only been to Jackson (I'll leave off the 'hole' after reading vics comment so i can be an uppity-up) once but the ONLY thing I remember is a park with four arches made of antlers.
    And good to know about the $34,000 polar bear.

  3. That antler thing is very hilarious and true. I can seriously hear you singing. :-)

  4. Ptooey...ten points for Gaston!