October 29, 2008

"Andrew" means Manly, Brave and Strong.

What do you get
when you mix a paranoid parent with a trip to a corn maze? A funny story.

Andrew's preschool was was going to a corn maze where the kids would wear matching t-shirts and then run around trying to get themselves lost. This concerned me, and I wondered what Andrew would do if he got lost.
I asked him and he said,"I'd just run back to the people."
Persisting, I said: "What if you didn't know where the people were so you couldn't run back to them?"
Without skipping a beat he said, "I'd just kill an animal and eat it."


  1. hahahahaha! creepy though.

  2. you could seriously post 10 times a day with just what andrew says. how does he come up with them? i love it.

  3. Hi you're funny and I like you!!! I'm Bethany's friend from college, and I found your blog from hers.... Its nice to meet you!!!

  4. Hey Meridith! Thanks for liking me! Now I have like two friends in life.

  5. LOL! oh.. when I get through laughing, I will maybe leave a comment!