September 30, 2016

Spirit Animal

The other day Alicia started a family discussion about spirit animals. She sees herself as a deer. That's perfect for her. Beautiful and gentle. (Although, to be honest, she's not all that quiet since her mission).

Andrew said he's maybe a fox and that was perfect too--he has the coloring and the cunning for it.

We decided Eliza would be a kitty because she's adorable, self-obsessed and snuggly.

Megan thinks she's a hippo. What? And I thought maybe a koala because she gives the best, tightest hugs.

Rachel I see as maybe an owl. She loves to observe others and is wise and quietly and efficiently ambitious.

Things deteriorated rapidly when it got to me and Rex. I think the kids were taking out their pent-up frustrations. With Rex they said maybe he's a baboon but we looked it up and they're too fierce for him. Andrew said maybe a proboscis monkey. Poor guy. I decided to suggest something less hideous: a panda bear. (It works because he's very lovable as long as you don't poke the bear. Oh, and he has a super white belly--trust me).

Look at that. He's hugging Megan.

If none of those work, the last idea was a rooster. Not bad, really. He loves to get up early and can act as an alarm clock to the rest of us as he runs on the treadmill over our heads at 4 in the morning. And he does a little jig called "The Rex Shuffle" that's reminiscent of an awkward, strutting rooster.

Then me. Alicia started off saying I could be a mountain lion. Well, ok. They like to be solitary, conserve energy, and can sometimes be fierce. Then Andrew said I'm like a vulture because I let others do all the work and then I swoop down and benefit from it. Then Rex said maybe I'm a male lion for the same reason--for having the rest of the pride do all the work. Or, they all laughed, maybe I'm a sloth. Nice one.

Then Andrew said maybe I'm a kangaroo. Ok, because they're all motherly with their pouch and all? Nope. It was clarified that I don't act like one but rather look like one. Not quite sure how to feel about that.

Eliza listened to all the other ideas for me but said nothing. The next day she said, "Mom, I know what your spirit animal is." 

I said, "Oh really? What is it?" (sincerely hoping for something more complimentary) 

She said, "The kind of animal that doesn't want their children to get sunburned!" 

Yeah, I think she nailed it.

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  1. These are so funny! I just barely came across this and oh what a jem. Andrew with the vulture thing! haha - oh that's funny...and mean. :) You guys are great. oh to be a fly on the wall at the harris house..