July 24, 2014

Hide and Seek

Elizabeth is at that fun stage where she likes to play hide and seek but has no idea how to do it.

For example, she'll put a cushion over her face and shout, "Mom, where are me?!"  with enough confidence that I know she believes herself to be cleverly hidden.

Or she'll tuck her head under our quilt...

And when she says, "Mom, come find me!!"

And I say, "Okay.  Where could you be?"

She makes it even easier for me by coming out and shouting, "I'm right here!!"

It's very handy when she just tells you where she is.  It's even better when she tells you beforehand where she's going to be.
 "Okay!  I'm going to hide in Andrew's bed!"

Rex: "Don't tell me where you're going to hide."

Eliza: "But I'm hiding in Andrew's bed."

Rex: "Well don't tell me that."

Eliza:  "Okay, I'll just go there then."

And she did and Rex knew right where to find her.  I guess she doesn't like the waiting around part of hide-and-seek.  Instead of hide-and-seek I guess it's more like tell-and-find.

This level of hide-and-seek is my kind of challenge.


  1. Hee heeeeee! That sounds about right for the amount of energy I'd like to expend in a game. How considerate of Eliza!

  2. She's going to be terrible at surprises. I agree with Kate. I like an easier kid to find. At six Trace always disapears as we're trying to leave and I have to search several neighbor's homes before I can find him.