June 11, 2014

Eliza's Beauty Routine Advice

After washing your face at night...
...go ahead and lift your foot into the sink to get it clean too.  (A little yoga practice might be necessary before attempting this feat.  Ha, ha, hey, it's a "feet feat".  Hee hee.)

Get your beauty rest
In the morning, put on your make up.  Here are some tips:
Once you have chosen the right color,

Then dig the applicator into the left eye, and then into the right.  Make sure to push hard enough to bruise the eyeball.  (Sometimes beauty hurts.)

And enjoy your beautiful blackened eyes!

Always dress in your finest clothes.  (Sometimes all of them at once).

Eat Right

Get plenty of exercise.
And make sure you wear the proper clothing for the most efficient workout.

When tanning, make sure no part of your skin actually sees the sun.

And, finally, keep ahead of your toe jam.  

If it gets too severe, remember there are tools to help you--like pliers for example.


  1. Tee hee. She takes good care of her feet. That's a good foundation for a beauty routine.
    Cute, cute.

  2. oh i am totally taking any and all beauty advice from miss eliza. even that pic of her blackened eyes - she's BEautiful! Ruby red lips and sparkling blue (black) eyes. I love the pic of her going "hmmm.. which color? yeah, black" And when she's wearing ALL her fancy clothes. Clever post. Thanks for the tips Eliza!! :)

  3. That was a delightful and informative read! The workout clothes were especially great. :)

  4. Jenny you are the best. I love these pictures. So fun! My favorite picture is Eliza dressed in her finest clothes.