January 13, 2014

Makin' Money

I believe in low-energy parenting.  Low, low energy.  One way I can parent without actually, well, parenting is to just charge my children money for misbehavior.  And, no, I don't pay them an allowance.  They have to earn their money on their own.  (I would insert an evil cackle here, but it would take too much energy).

Here is a sample list of charges:

Leaving stuff around the house.          25 cents per item

Doing spit tricks.                                        $1 per trick (Andrew being the only offender)

Be in bed by 8:30.                                      $1 charge at 8:31, and then $1 every five minutes after that.

With this charge I saved up all the money and distributed it to the kids for treats in Disneyland.  Megan was so excited to get her wad of cash until she was reminded that she provided it not only for herself but about 80% of the money which went to her siblings as well. 

Teaching the baby bad things.               $1

The most recent infractions of the last one have included Andrew chanting:"I'm a bum!  I'm a bum!" until Eliza took up the chant.

Megan fake-hitting Andrew until Eliza followed suit.

Megan saying, "Spank your bum!" encouraging her to say and do it right back.

My own infraction was teaching her to say, "Oh MY DOSH!" but after paying myself a dollar I came out even in the end.

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  1. yay for a belligerent post! hee hee! i loved it! this was so super funny!!!! and that is very brilliant parenting. i started putting my kids stuff they left around the house in a "buy back box" but they didn't care enough about their stuff to buy it back. i think i'll start wrapping it and giving it to other people's kids for their birthdays. my mistake was not charging for the infraction in the first place. i like it! (evil cackle!)