October 14, 2013

Funny Kid Moments of Late


Just as we finished reading this scripture as a family...

...establish a house, even a house of prayer, a house of fasting, a house of faith, a house of learning, a house of glory, a house of order, a house of God.

...Eliza brought us out of the clouds and back to reality by letting off a really loud stinker then proudly shouting, "Hey, I tooted!!"--Just in case any of us missed it.


When the kids ask Eliza, "Who's cute around here?"  expecting her to say, "Me!" she instead says, "Mommy!"  
 (I didn't even have to train her).


After some supposedly "traumatizing" remark from one of us, Andrew mistakenly announced, "Okay, I am now dramatized!"


The girls were talking about how important it is to watch how boys treat their moms.  I said, "Did you hear that, Andrew?  Are you going to treat me so nice now?"  He said, "Well, it depends on the girl who's watching."
That stinker!

She's too busy being super awesome on the Snowcrest softball team so we never see her.  Otherwise, I'm sure we would have heard something funny out of her.


Our girls are really good at hooking up jumper cables because they have to re-attach a trickle charger to our Excursion every time they drive it.  One day the Excursion died while they were at work and they asked some guys to help them jump it.  These guys hooked up the cables in the wrong place and my girls were too shy to say anything, but they quietly watched as the men had no success.  Finally, the men handed back our cables and put on their own.  They hooked it up wrong again, but Rachel sneaked over and moved it to the right place.  It started right up and the men were so proud of themselves and their "working" cables.


One day Rachel said, "Megan, look at me.  I look like a man."  Megan said, "Oh brother!"  Rachel said, "See, you just called me brother but I'm not your brother.  I'm your sister!"


Went to her mission interview with the stake president and he looked her over in confusion as he said, "So, you've marked here that Spanish is your native language?"



  1. I love the jumper cable story! You know Rachel was successful in her sneaky tact when the boys continue to act like the rescuers!

  2. oh man! so many funnies! but i must say your girls are so much nicer than i am, i would have totally made those boys feel like dummies. nice ones, but dummies nonetheless. i think your girls did the right thing though. i wish i could hang out at your house for a day, you are all so cool.

  3. Haha - my favorites are the jumper cables and Andrew's "It depends on the girl who's watching". I too wish I could hang out more with your family. I loved picturing Rachel watching the guys hook it up wrong and not saying anything.