February 3, 2013

Reading Eliza's Thoughts


I just love it when Alicia comes home!!  

I give her hugs...

...and kisses.

Then she fixes my hair so pretty!

It does look pretty, right?

Hey....wait a minute....

I look terrible! 

Quick!  I'll eat the comb so she can't do this to me again.


  1. Sounds like the perfect interpretation to me! So cute!!!

  2. Hilarious! I feel like that is all I ever say on your comments, but it is true. I love it! ...And Alicia is such a pretty girl.

  3. My favorite one is the I don't like this style one. What s great face. Speaking of great faces....that alicia really is glowing and so so beautiful. Btw, I'm leaving this comment as I stand in line at disney world. the future is now. And thanks for the entertainment!