September 10, 2011


Remember this show?   I grew up on this and my kids had it playing on Netflix the other day.  I watched an episode with them and laughed the whole way through.  They kept telling me it wasn't a comedy, but I disagreed.  My favorite parts were the following:
  •  The opening scene is of a horse chase which ends with MacGyver and the horse being lifted up by a rope dangling from a helicopter.  MacGyver just hooked the rope under the saddle and off he went, the horse's hooves flailing through the air.
  • A young girl's lines are all dubbed over by a grown woman talking in a high squeaky voice.
  • The whole script!  At one point MacGyver's voice-over narration says, "They say life is like a bowl of cherries, but I disagree.  I say it's more like a bowl of Hungarian goulash, hot and sticky, and I'm not all that hungry."  What does this even mean?   
  • A car chase that goes through buildings, water tunnels, rivers, and of course jumps between distant rooftops.


  1. I love that Hungarian Goulash line. That's going to have to be my next go-to quote.

  2. It's all good and well that you're talking about MacGyver...but didn't you have a baby? Are you going to have a baby soon? Where's the baby stuff? Huh?

  3. It's so good to see another post. I also used to watch Macgyver and what I remember is him doing all sorts of impossible things to get out of a bind. I think I would have had a good laugh too. We should watch it together sometime.

  4. what it means is hot and sticky and he doesn't really want to go through it, yet he will fashion a spoon out of old tv wires, horse teeth, and the rivets from his dungarees and give that bowl of hungarian goulash what for.
    hahahahaha! more blogs please!

  5. haha - i like kate's comment! it sounds like you need to be a writer for SNL jens. they too make fun of Macgyver with their "MacGruber". Funny stuff. But I do remember loving it when I was little. Grown-ups just say weird stuff I didn't understand all the time, so the script seemed normal to me. bowl of cherries/hungarian goulash potaeto/potato ya know?

  6. Ha,ha - love Macgyver. I think I will watch an episode today. thanks for the tip. I can always use a good laugh.

  7. I bought Casey season 1 of Macguyver for our anniversary one year. It isn't true what they say; you can go back--you'll just wish you hadn't.
    The same disillusionment happened when we tried to watch Happy Days with our kids. Does anyone remember how inappropriate that show is? Sheesh.