February 6, 2011

Books, Blogging, and Blah Blah Blah...

I miss blogging, but nothing very belligerent has been happening lately so I don't have much to complain about.  My kids and husband have been angelic and supportive, and I spend large chunks of my day reading books and eating gobs of food. 
I just finished Sarah Palin's autobiography and I'm halfway through Romney's so maybe I'll tell you my take on them:
Romney really knows what he's talking about but he sure is lacking in the charisma area.  (I actually started his book before Palin's but it's dry as toast AND Rex stole it from me anyway, so I moved on to Palin)  One thing though, just sometimes his book reminds me of Machiavelli's The Prince and it kinda scares me a little.  He doesn't water anything down in order to please the left.  I guess he's just banking on the fact that no liberals will pick up his book.
Palin's book is hilarious.  I loved reading about her stint as governor: putting the former governor's private jet on ebay and totally cutting the special interests (like school shrubs costing $43,000) from the budget.  But when she got chosen as a VP candidate she was totally out of her league.  I wish she would have stayed in Alaska, spared her family the humiliating publicity, and finished out her awesome and unconventional term as governor.
I'm curious to see how this election goes.  I really hope Palin doesn't run.  I like her a lot as a person but I don't see her as presidential material.  Her interviews as a VP candidate were so painful.  I can't take much more of that.
Does anyone think it's funny that two clean cut Mormons might be running against each other?
It's gonna be fun. 


  1. Ack, I'm not ready to deal with another election already!

  2. huh? who are the two clean cut mormons running against each other? sorry, i'm not smart.
    have you read any more of my book club books? if you read some, let me know. we did book thief last month and this tuesday are doing that potato peel pie society one. that has a way longer name than that.
    oh, you should post on your boastful blog about all the angelic things your kids are doing. and about your pregnancy. i miss you. when do you find out what you are having? isn't it coming up?

  3. I agree with you on Palin and Romney. I always knew you were smart. I'd be excited to see Huntsman run and maybe he'd have a better chance in the South because he's a Jack Mormon.

  4. glad nothing belligerent is happening while you're pregnant. that could hurt the baby! :) miss your posts though!

  5. Oooh! A political blog! I think Palin is funny, too... Sarah's right about Huntsman. He tries to dodge the mormon label. I think he and Romney would both be good. Though I'd hate for them to steal votes from each other. I do hear that Dems would be most afraid of Huntsman getting the nomination because he's a moderate. I'm so glad I ran into you yesterday. Can't wait to find out what kind of baby this is - besides one with attitude.