November 8, 2010


 We just took Andrew to his first wrestling tournament and we felt horribly out of place.

For one thing, I felt naked without any tattooed body art to decorate my bare skin.  I saw more moms with tattoos than I've ever seen.  I got a picture of this one from the lady sitting in front of us:

For another thing, we calmly watched Andrew's matches instead of yelling at him until our faces turned red and our veins popped out.  I guess we really need to learn how to get into the spirit of things--I mean peewee wrestling is serious stuff!

Andrew didn't fit in very well either because he never remembered to start bawling.  Many of the kids were crying from pain, defeat, or exhaustion.  Andrew just said, "When do I get to go again?"  (I have to admit, though, he got misty-eyed at the end when he learned they weren't handing out medals.) 

And we learned that we weren't teaching teaching Andrew correct principles.  From  behind us we could hear a booming father's voice instructing his son, "You see now, don't you?  These kids aren't your friends.  You have to be gruff with them!  Now what are you going to do when you go back out there?"  The kid answered in his tiny voice, "Go for the froat!" 

I was so surrounded by testosterone that I felt like I was swimming in it with all the muscle shirts, tattoos, beards, piercings, aggression, competition, physical contests, and power struggles.

I giggled a few times at the madness, but I was glad to get out in the fresh air and breath a little when it was all over.


  1. uh-oh. andrew looks like a natural to me. i think you're going to have to invest in some stick-on tatoos and a mullet haircut.
    hee hee!

  2. You're right. I would never have imagined the two of you there. But he really looks like he's good at it.

  3. I don't think I've ever seen a care bear tatoo before. It sounds like there should be a tournament warning or disclosure when you sign up for wrestling. I think all of the wrestlers I knew in high school had cauliflower ear. I hope Andrew doesn't get that. I agree that it does look like he knows what he's doing. I'm glad you could laugh at the chaos.

  4. I loved "Go for the froat!"
    Man I hate tatoos.
    But I love that picture of Andrew. He's totally got the stance.

  5. Not only did he know what he was doing, he wiped out the competition. Good thing they didn't hand out medals because he would have earned a 200 lb one. Way to go Andrew!!!

  6. I did notice that the crowd was a little different than the clogging crowd that we experienced with the girls. The word 'hootchieness' comes to mind.

  7. Andrew definitely has the 'psyche out your opponent' look and the 'I'm ready for anything' stance.

  8. i love that picture of andrew!! it seems weird to be that andrew would love this. but i guess he has lots of grandpas, uncles, sisters and a dad to wrestle with. maybe he just got a taste for it and now there is no turning back. i love the care bear tatoo. if you have to get one to fit in, i vote for hugs and tugs.

  9. Great pic of Andrew. I just love that kid. It's so great that he's a good wrestler, being the little mature gentleman that he is. He's found his outlet for all that aggression he hasn't been using! (He hasn't, right?)