October 10, 2010

Great, Great Aunt Laura.

One day when Megan was little she asked me what I was reading in the newspaper.  I said, "I'm reading about the oldest man in the world."  Her eyes brightened and she excitedly asked, "Oh!!!  Is it Daddy?!"

Well, turns out, it wasn't daddy.

But, happily, we are related to someone who is famously old.  She is our girls' great, great Aunt Laura.  She turned 106 this September 3rd, making her almost exactly 100 years older than Andrew.  And this woman is amazing.

When she was in her eighties she learned to speak Spanish because they needed more Spanish-speaking temple workers.  And when she was in her nineties she used to rake the neighbors lawns because, as she said, "they were getting old and couldn't get around as well anymore".  

She still lives alone in her house and when we visited her this weekend she had just finished mopping her floor and picking tomatoes from her garden.  She is as spry as a little 80-year-old.  Are 80-year-olds spry?  Well, she's as spry as a spry one.  We asked to see a book she had made and she hopped off her chair and scuttled swiftly into the kitchen, grabbed the heavy book and hauled it back out by herself.

Right now she is the second oldest person living in our state.  We're hoping she can hold out 'til she places first.

Go Aunt Laura!!


  1. wow. that is really cool. she's 100 years and 1 day older than andrew. that makes me want to be a spry 32 year old. i've been trying to run lately and knee hurts and my hip and my ankle and i just thought - it's probably cause i'm getting old. but i guess i can't say that for another 74 years. that's it, i'm going to eat more veggies.

  2. I too say go Aunt Laura. She made me think, which inspired my latest blog post. wrecksrightings.blogspot.com

    I Know...shameless plug.

  3. Aunt Laura is one of Peter's heroes. :-) Peter is always interested in the secret of health and well-being. He says she told him the secret once and that it is "drinking a lot of water." Doesn't that make you thirsty ;-)

  4. does she have any dietary restrictions? how is this possible?

  5. Stella,
    I've only known her since she was 100, so I can't vouch for her dietary habits, but her niece tells me that she has eaten a lot of fresh food out of her garden and that she's lived a life of moderation.

  6. Wow, go Aunt Laura. I too, wish I felt as spry in my thirties. Guess I need to get myself a garden.