September 24, 2010

Andrew's Accidental Alliteration Aberration

Andrew and I have been reading an animal book with page titles like "Slimy Salamanders", "Freaky Frogs", and "Beastly Birds".  One day I just couldn't help but explain to him about the marvelous, glorious poetic device called alliteration.  I mean, it's never too young to learn your literary terms, right?

After my lecture I followed up every day by pointing out the alliteration when we got to a new page. After a few days I thought he grasped the concept so I confidently asked, "So, Andrew, what's alliteration?"
He said, "Well, it's when you're in a park or on some grass somewhere and you're eating something with a wrapper and then when you finish eating it you don't put your wrapper in the garbage.  You just leave it there."

And that, folks, is a-LITTER-ation.

(I think I'll wait 'til he's older to teach him "assonance". )


  1. hee hee. that's funny! thanks for teaching me that word, by the way. until now i had never heard of it! :)

  2. That is a great example of a litteration. ha ha.

  3. Tis true, is true I do like Drew, he do make me laugh my assonance off...can I say that? (if not...put it in the litter bin =)

  4. You made Clint chuckle! You rebel English teacher!