August 30, 2010


Is it really possible to come to the end of good movies?  I have completely run out of ideas for ordering from Netflix.  I think I'll put my account on hold until I think of something to watch.
Do you have any ideas?


  1. Some Obscure Good Movies:

    Lars and the Real Girl
    Prize Winner of Defiance Ohio
    500 Days of Summer
    Ghost Town
    Dr. Horrible's Sing-a-long Blog
    Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (if you can edit it, clearplay?)
    Dear Frankie
    Pieces of April
    The Family Stone

    Remember that recommending movies (and books) is tricky. You might hate them all. But I liked them. I will keep thinking...

  2. Katie, wow! You really came through for me. That's an extensive list and I've only ever heard of one of them (Prize Winner, which by the way is on its way from Netflix now).

    One obscure one I've seen is Randy and the Mob. I cannot recommend it because it's so stupid, but if anyone's in the mood for a low-budget film with really really dry humor and you've run out of all other options, then you could venture toward this one.

  3. I guess we have to start watching the violent steamy ones.

  4. steamy ones?? niiice! LOL.

    Ok here is one of my favs that came to mind (and it's NOT steamy). It's called "Definitely, Maybe." It's so stinkin' cute! It was on tv the other day and I forgot how much I liked it. It's a story about a man and his daughter...and he is telling her the story about how he met her mother. YOu have to guess which one of the ladies that he dated ended up being her mom. Cute. It has Ryan Reynolds in it (love him) and Isla Fisher (lover her).

  5. P.S. do you like netflix? i had been wondering if i should get it or not? any catches to it? like, is it easy to cancel if you run out of movies to watch?? hahaha!

  6. i second katie on:
    lars and the real girl
    500 days of summer.
    you can start renting tv series, they take a while to get through! liked: corner gas, psych (don't watch the pilot episode though), everybody loves raymond, chuck...

  7. Amiee,

    I do love Netflix and it's surprisingly easy to cancel or put on hold. I'm wondering when they'll start making people commit to longer than a month's contract.

  8. To Be or Not to Be (the original with Jack Benny is best. the Mel Brooks re-make is not quite as good.) directed by Ernst Lubitsch.

    Trouble in Paradise, also directed by Ernst Lubitsch. Watch the lead actor in this one, he lost a leg in the war and has a prosthetic leg, which the director didn't want the audience to see, so you don't. The shots of him running up the stairs just show the back of his head, it's a double.

    The Shop Around the Corner, another by director Ernst Lubitsch and starring Jimmy Stewart. Much better than the remake You've Got Mail with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan, much, much better.

    (note: I found out about Lubitsh by listening to a podcast called "Filmspotting")

    The Conversation. Gene Hackman starring in an 1974 Francis Ford Coppla film also starring a very young Cindy Williams (Shirley of "Laverne and Shirley") and Harrison Ford. great solo piano soundtrack.

    Pauline and Paulette (a foreign film about an 85-year-old little girl)

    The Triplets of Belleville. an animated French film, so little dialog, you don't need subtitles. It's funny how we Americans are depicted in this one.

    My Neighbor Totoro. Japanese animated masterpiece by Hayao Miyazaki. After you see this one, go see Toy Story 3 again and watch for Totoro's cameo appearance. John Lasseter, head of Pixar, and Miyazaki are great friends.

    Ponyo. another Miyazaki film.

    Waking Ned Divine. Ned Divine wins the lottery and dies from surprise. His friends find the ticket and have to figure out what to do. The "phone booth" scene at the end is hilarious, unexpected and not what you'd ever see in a Hollywood-formula-film.

    Hairspray. Amy thought Travolta was quite funny as Edna.

    Vitus. Trust us, it's good.

    My Father's Glory and My Mother's Castle. Two French films about a boy and his parents.

    The Twelve Chairs. The most un-Mel Brooks Mel Brooks comedy. Takes place during the Russian revolution.

    Alec Guiness starred in some great comedies put out by the Ealing Studios.
    -Kind Hearts and Coronets. Look for Guiness' eight roles in this one.
    -The Lavenden Hill Mob. Much better than the Tom Hanks re-make (second time I've said that)
    -The Man in the White Suit.
    -The Ladykillers. Also has Peter Sellers.

    La Vie En Rose. Biopic about Edith Piaf, go see Inception after viewing this one and see if you can pick out two similarities between the two films.

    Millions. The Mormon missionaries have a funny part in this one about a small boy who finds millions and wants to share it all.

    Persepolis. Animated autobiographical film about an Iranian girl/woman. Great for grown-ups, bore the kids to death.

    Son of Rambow. Why the two boys didn't each get an Oscar for this one I can't figure out. Funny show about two boys who are making their own Rambo movie.

    All of these are on Netflix. Tell us when you finished with these.

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  14. We second the Corner Gas recommendation - watch them all. And, uh, you do know we have a movie blog, right? Everything we recommend is recommendable, we'd have to say.

  15. I thought of another one - and this one is for Alicia - Believe in Me. Sporty and Inspirational. About a girls basketball team.

  16. I love North and South, a BBC miniseries based on a novel from the 1850s by Elizabeth Gaskell. Don't worry, it's not the 1980s saga about the Civil War starring Patrick Swayze! It's a great story about life in England around the time of the Industrial Revolution, and I love it!

  17. I'm watching Departures--a japanese film about a man who becomes and undertaker. I really like it so far.

  18. Here here! Departures was a gem. One of my favorites!