April 14, 2010

Which Nightingale?

The subject of Florence Nightingale came up the other day at our house, as I'm sure happens regularly in all of yours.

Anyway, Alicia said, "Remind me who she is exactly.  All I remember is that Cinderella sings about her."

I was like, "What?!  When does she sing about her?"

Alicia said, "Oh, you know.  It's when she's scrubbing the floor."
Then she started to sing these words--in total seriousness-- to the tune of "Sing Sweet Nightingale:"
"Flor-ence Nightingale, 
Flor-ence Nightingale 

It's reassuring to know that my kids are getting some sort of history education through their misinterpretation of Disney movies.  

(p.s. I have no idea what kind of bird is in the picture, but I'm pretty sure it isn't a nightingale.)


  1. I love your kids. They're so sincere.

  2. bwhahhahaha i love it! reminds me of the crazy lyrics i came up with for songs when i was younger, like that old song "i can't go for that"--i thought it was "i'm king coconut." makes sense, right??? LOL

  3. I thought new york city christmas party was "move your silly christmas body." So, I wonder if Alicia was curious why Cinderella loved Florence enough to sing a whole song about her. she is a cutie.

  4. Haha, funny Alicia. Was Cinderella singing it under the Shallmenno tree?