April 12, 2010

The Mystery of the Scuffling Creature

We've had some sort of rustling, thumping creature disturbing the peace of our garage lately.  Megan heard it hiss one morning after she heard something out there fall.  I also heard some major scuffling in the garage when I was up late helping the Easter bunny, but when Rex and I opened the door, we couldn't see anything there. 

A few days later, the kids were home alone when they heard it again.  They did what any self-respecting kids would do: they started scaring themselves half to death...
"There's that sound again.  What is it?!"
"Jenny said she heard it the other night too."
"I heard it hiss.  Do ghosts hiss?"
"Maybe it's a person.  Maybe somebody is living in our garage!"
Just then a bird flew head on into the window right by where the girls were talking.  They ran screaming up to their bedroom and huddled on the bed until Rex and I came home.

The next night I was helping Alicia with homework at the table right by the garage when we heard it again.  We stopped talking and then she ran away.  Nice back up.  I was left alone to finally solve this plaguing mystery.  I stood by the garage and flipped on the light right before I jerked open the door.

The mystery was solved.

Just above me was a fat raccoon scurrying along the rafters.
By the time Rex and the kids got there it was gone.
Rex took care of the situation though.

 He looked at me and said, "Well, did you ask if he wanted a hug?"


  1. with all the scuffling and hissing - i think somebody DID need a hug. But upon further investigation of what happens when a raccoon needs a hug (picture on post) - it's probably good you resisted. that raccoon is a lucky one. it couldn't have landed a better family. ones who are so tenderhearted and concerned about its needs.

  2. Wow, I didn't know that raccoons hiss. You guys seem to have more encounters with wildlife than we do, even though we live out in the wilderness. Way to face your fears.

  3. At first I thought that was a picture of Rex. I was thinking that was really nice of you to snap pictures of him as he wrestled with a rabid raccoon, but then I remembered that it's Rex who leaves his spouse to deal with wild animal situations;) Great job solving the scuffle mystery!

  4. That Hurts!! By the way, I thought that it was my executionary practices that didn't pass the scrutiny of the 'save the poultry killing varmit' parole board (Jenny and Star) and not my 'pass the buck' skills that were in question. Though, I do have some pretty good 'pass the buck' skills.

  5. omg hilarious!!! love the racoon and ELF pic!!!!

  6. Don't hug the raccoon! I, too, thought that was Rex at first! Sorry, Rex. So, now that you know what "it" is - what are you going to do?? I don't like raccoons. One of them was responsible for the death of super-dog, Skippy. I hope this is a to-be-continued story.

  7. Things like that are so big when you are a kid. Remember that scene from the old John Candy movie--The Great Outdoors--it was enough to scare me too at that age.

  8. ...totally off the subject, but that cartoon girl REALLY does remind me of you. What a coincidence.

  9. Oh woops, I meant to post this to the entry with the magnifying glass. That elf up there does not remind me of you at all.