February 5, 2010

What I Love about You

Andrew likes to make plans.  The other evening he said our plans included "two pictures", then snuggling, then dinner, and then games with the family.  I said, "I understand all of the plans except for "two pictures".

He said, "Mo-om!  It's when I draw you two pictures.  Or one, maybe.  And you choose what I draw."  I took full advantage of this opportunity by saying, "Okay, draw all the things you love about Mommy."

He busily worked while I left to chauffeur a sister somewhere.  I came home to this drawing:

First of all, I was very happy to discover no Fs or Us anywhere on it.  I understood "ILVMOM" and "NICE" (which Rachel helped him spell) then I asked him for an explanation of the rest.

The black stick figures are snuggling.  Andrew loves our snuggles.  It looks  a little like one is levitating while the other is getting dumped off--both of which happen regularly, of course.

The pink person standing by the building is a picture of me going to church.  Andrew says, "You're wearing your black coat, like always.  And the black thing by the church is the church bell."

The blue and red stick figures were explained like this:  "Mom, this is not a picture of you yelling at me, okay?  It's a picture of you singing Hush Little Baby."

So there you have it.  Those are the things he loves about me--levitating snuggles, going to church in my black coat, and singing lullabies (but not yelling).


  1. What about the 400 foot tall flower leading to the land of giants, silver and gold? What did he have to say about that? Cool drawing Andrew.

  2. All I know is when I asked him to draw what he loves about me he said, "Okay. But can I draw a flower on it too?" So there you have it I guess. (The largeness of it was probably just to take up room so he didn't have to think of too many nice things.)

  3. So super cute. I lv you too :-) I really like your black coat and pink hair, but my favorite are the sound waves :-)

  4. hahahaha that is so funny! how cute! the snugglies in bed is hilarious!

  5. Andrew is absolutely darling and hilarious. I love the spaghetti squash story too.

  6. way to help him combine his drawing skills with his mommy praising skills. i like the snuggling stick figures.

  7. Andrew says:
    Wow, a picture I drawed is on your blog.