February 11, 2010

Suprised by Spontaneous Skiing

This morning I realized five things:

1.  I haven't been outside in nature since the first snowflake fell in November.
2.  I haven't physically asserted myself in any way whatsoever since that very same day back in November.
3.  I actually own a new sporty ski outfit (purchased at a huge discounted price.)
4.  I live right by three amazing ski resorts.
5.  All my kids were taken care of for the next seven hours.

So I had to do it.  I had to go skiing.

When I told my friend she said, "You're going outside?!  By yourself?" 
She was that supportive.

I donned my brand new sporty ski clothes, and borrowed my husband's dusty ski gear.  When I got to the resort I couldn't see anyone on the mountain.  Every chair on the lift was empty.  But there were cars in the parking lot, so I pulled in and bought my ticket.

I got on the empty lift and noticed that the chairs were disappearing into an oblivion of white fog at the top of the mountain as if I were being transported into heaven.  There were no angels singing though because those clouds were not heaven sent.  They started pelting me with hail immediately after starting my first run.  Thus explaining the lack of skiers--I guess some people research the weather before they go skiing?

I went down the mountain with my face tucked into my coat the best I could.  It was a little awkward.  But after about two hours, the storm let up.   

Then after three hours, my muscles started revolting.  Their only purpose lately has been to hold my body upright in my computer chair, or turn a page in a book,  so they were unused to this kind of punishment.

I finally had to make my way back to the car.

When I got home, my kids were mystified:  "You did what?!"  "That's so unlike you!"  "It's so active!"  (Once again, I appreciated the support).

I was too tired to change out of my ski clothes when I picked up my son from my brother's house.  He looked at me and said, "Why are you wearing snow pants?"

I answered, "Because I went skiing."

He said, "What?  You ski?"  (Supportiveness runs in the extended family too)

My honest, defeated reply was, "Nope.  Not really."


  1. Thanks for making me laugh today! This is hilarious! I can't believe you went by yourself! NICE! I would have NEVER. And I'm with you on my poor muscles haven't done a thing since about 6 months ago...I have a treadmill in the basement. But basement at my house equals about 20 degrees below zero. So GETTING ON IT is not exactly appealing. LOL. Luv ya.

  2. You make it sound so fun!
    I wish I was there with you!

  3. Jenny you are awesome. I am so amazed that #1 you went skiing and #2 you went by yourself. I too have never been skiing by myself ever. I have gone skiing in some pretty awful weather, but that was years ago when I could actually call myself a skier. Now I tell everyone I don't ski because it is too expensive and there's no time which is pretty true, but really I'm in no shape to do so!
    I'm SO amazed. Thanks for the laugh today.

  4. I am laughing out loud! This is fantastic - I love that you just decided to do it. How did it happen that your kids were taken care of for 7 hours?

  5. ha ha! i can't believe you went by yourself! (i'm so supportive.) but really, that is so cool. i bet you got a lot of time to think. (think about how much it hurts when hail hits you in the face.)

  6. I'm really impressed that you did that. My Dad says that anyone who likes skiing has to have a thing for pain. I think of that when I'm sitting on the ski lift and my jaw is so frozen I can't talk. Good thing you didn't have to talk to anyone. And good thing if you saw someone you knew you looked cute! I hope you had some nice hot chocolate in the lodge.

  7. What??!! It's funny to me that when you decide to be sporty - you decide to be REALLY SPORTY. Cause I'm pretty sure only die hard skiiers go skiing ALONE with HAIL pelting their faces (& in stylin' ski clothes). So, way to be die hard! You are so funny. I know what you mean about that never-going-outdoors feeling. I got a little crazy today myself. I went on a WALK in NICE weather. Wo... I know.

  8. I hope you took some pictures of yourself all cuted up and skiing down the mountain in the hail. You are very adventuresome, my dear. I think my favorite part of going skiing was the hot chocolate in the lodge.