December 23, 2009

A list of things that are broken at our house right now...

Our kitchen light (makes evening cooking a little difficult)
My sewing machine (just the needle, really.  But I haven't gotten around to buying new ones--not knowing which kind etc.)
Our printer (kids have to go to the library)
Our vacuum (the part they gave me didn't fit.  I walked around today picking up the biggest pieces by hand--including one dead, petrified grasshopper.)
The battery in one of our cars
Our video camera
Snow blower
Our beautiful red clock
Our phones
Andrew's gut (he seems to always have a tummy ache.  I'm guessing it's a food allergy--when we got his blood tested recently we discovered that he's igA deficient.  When he asked me to explain the results of his blood test, I started with, "Your blood is different..."  Suddenly he said, "Oh! Am I cold blooded?!"  His ability to make me laugh is not broken)


  1. We have many of the same broken things. We've jumped the car 8 out of 10 tims we've used it. It irritates me that it's the most expensive car we've own and the first to ever strand me. I've given up on printers. I got tired of replacing them every year. Other than barely readable web print outs, most of our printing is done at Costco or Kinkos, when printing becomes absolutely necessary.

  2. Gah! I could make a list as well. My BRAND NEW hand held Shark Vac (was not cheap) broke just yesterday. It accidentally got knocked down and a teeny weeny but very important piece broke off. There's no fixing it. I can't even find the box to attempt a return. Many tears, many tears. :( *pouting*

    Good luck getting your stuff fixed, too!

  3. cold-blooded?! ha! that rocks. stuff is crap. it's always breaking. sorry yours is breaking all at the same time.