January 4, 2010

The Coat Story

For my birthday I bought myself a cute retro-style coat that I love.  I wore it for the first time when my sisters took me out to lunch.  Everything was going well until my youngest sister walked into the restaurant wearing the exact same coat!  We live an hour away from each other and had still happened to shop at the same store, in the same town, where we bought the exact same coat.  My sister-in-law, sensing the trend, ran out and bought one too.


  1. First of all--LOOOVE the coat! (and incidentally i need a new one so badly). Second of all, that is HILARIOUS about your sister buying it, too! Where did you get it?? Maybe I will get one and wear it next time you wear yours...*wink wink*

  2. Your blog is REALLY cleverly written. "give a nod to halloween and the 4th" "sensing the trend" BRILLIANT! (really) Anyway we always tell scary ghost stories on christmas eve, and I don't know where you have been to have missed this festive tradition. You pointing it out did provoke a lot of thought,.... maybe Ebenezer's buddy Jacob Marley started it all way back in Jolly old England. Keep us posted on Andrew's GI tract.

  3. I don't look as cute in mine as you two do.
    I had forgotten what a ghost story "A Christmas Carol" is until I read Jake's comment.
    Oh, and I like the picture of the reindeer. Too cute.
    Is it cheating to comment on three different posts at once?