January 22, 2010


I have money problems--well, actually just one.  My problem is I'm a total miser.  Our trip to town today illustrates this nicely.  We stopped at Big Lots where I wanted to return a watch.  It cost eight dollars, but they were only able to give me back five because of a coupon mix up.

I was determined to get the full amount so the checker called the supervisor who in turn called the store's headquarters.  I was told to shop until I was paged at the front desk.

After awhile my kids started asking me what this was all about.  My reply was, "All I can say is that to avoid embarrassment you might want to pretend you don't know me."  This got them even more curious and they pressed for more info.  I kept it simple, like the paper boy on Better off Dead, by whining, "I just want my three dollars!"

Forty-five minutes later, the supervisor finally had her answer from the top.  It was "no".  She then continued to explain that not only could they not refund the full amount, but the receipt had expired so they really shouldn't refund any of it.  Then she paused for dramatic effect and said, "But we are going to do it for you anyway."

I was pacified.  And the store played their hand nicely because I found tons of stuff to buy (all on sale, of course) in the length of time it took to try to extricate my measely three dollars.


  1. again you inspire me! i am such a pushover. you always make me laugh my face off jenny, wow!

  2. Jenny I can't tell you how many times I've been in the same situation. I've gone to great lengths to save a few bucks and I'm constantly asking myself if it's really worth it. Some people never even have to worry!

  3. Glad you got your five bucks!

  4. that is funny. i am the OPPOSITE. i would have totally let the $3 go. now if we were talking $25 or something, i might have said something. ha ha. glad you got your moola. hope you found some cool stuff! and what kind of watch only costs $8????

  5. Only a top-notch quality watch of course!