January 22, 2010

Chance Baby Announcement

If I hadn't been up at 11:30 last night, and if I hadn't read my sister's sister-in-law's blog, and if I hadn't decided to also read the comments to that blog where my sister-in-law just happened to make a statement like it was old news...

...then I would still not know that my very own sister had a baby yesterday.

But, in any case, I'm glad I happened to find out and congratulations Kates!!
(And thank goodness for post commenters in the know.)


  1. "--all day" means my parents told us at 8 pm and we talked to you three and a half hours later. We didn't feel authorized to spread the news, since my parents seemed a little in the dark themselves.
    I've noticed this phenomenon for years--because we live near the majority of family everyone assumes we know it all--so they never tell us anything. My parents are temple workers now, but I didn't know. When I told them I didn't know that, they said, "Didn't you get our Christmas letter?"
    No. No, I didn't.

  2. I was lucky to be by the phone when Joes called my dad around 2 PM. We told Joey that mom was at the Post Office but we'd have her call when she got back. So he says, "Katie is talking to her mom right now - who is at the Post Office, too - so Mom already knows!" Well, we thought that was very fortunate. Later, around 5:30 PM, I mentioned to Karen that Joey (er . . . Katie) had a baby. My mom says, "What?! They already had the baby??" Oops. So you weren't the only one out of the loop. Like I said, I was just lucky to have been by the phone when Joey called.

  3. what? hahha that is LAME-ola!!! but kind of funny in a way! :) glad you know NOW!!!

  4. Who had a baby? jk. I knew hours before Jenny. jk again.

  5. I thought I'd use this comment space to let you know that we're probably getting a little boy in the next few months. When we do, I'll be sure to post a comment on a blog somewhere so you'll know for sure :)